Backless-Slit Thigh-High Black Stockings

$ 18.00 $ 22.00

Forget hiding your legs under those jeans. Style your hot pants with this sexy Ripped Slit Split Knee-High Stockings that are classic and yet a trendy 90s throwback fashion.

Sported in traditional matte black, these stockings dare you to be bold and dress to the sexy side of chic fashion. Slip them on and flaunt your slender legs as you strut in style with cool confidence. 

Pair the stockings with boots for a punk-rock look or wear them with heels for elegance and a sultry look.

  • One-size fits most.
  • Comfortable material made of fishnet, spandex, polyester, lycra, and cotton.
  • Ripped slit split at the back for casual xyet seductive look.
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